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Ordering Calibration Prints

Before ordering your calibration prints from ProDPI, we highly recommend calibrating your monitor to our specifications.

More Calibration Information

ProDPI Calibration Specs

Calibrating Your Workstation

To get the most out of your three FREE calibration prints we recommend choosing one of each of the following image types:

1 image with bright/vibrant colors.

1 true black and white image (completely desaturated of all color).

1 image with a significant amount of mid-tones.

Step 1: Open Roes and Select a Folder


1) Click Add Image Folder in the bottom left corner.

2) Select the folder with your images.

3) Click Choose.

Step 2: Locate the Get Started Here Catalog


1) Click the Sizes drop down menu.

2) Select Get Started Here!

Step 3: Order Calibration Prints


1) Select Calibration Prints.

2) Click on the box labeled Order 3 8x10 Calibration Luster Samples (CODE REQ) $100.00).

3) Drag and Drop images.

4) Click Add to Order.

5) After you've added all three of your images to your order click View Cart to review and complete your order.

NOTE: You will not be charged for your calibration prints.


The goal of ordering calibration prints is to see if your monitor is matched to what we're printing. If you select color correction your prints WILL NOT match your monitor due to in lab color correction. Once you receive your calibration prints they should match your monitor almost 100%. If they do not match we recommend recalibrating and sending in more calibration prints before placing any large orders.


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