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ProDPI Custom DVD Guide

ProDPI Custom DVDs are printed on a specialized DVD printer that processes and prints files at 600 DPI. It is very important that you correctly prepare your file so that your final product looks the best that it can!

Step 1: Download the DVD guide from Open your DVD guide in Photoshop.

Step 2: Create your new file.


Go to Image > Duplicate. Name your duplicate file for easy reference, i.e. 'Studio logo DVD', or 'Jennings Wedding DVD'. This new file will have the guide layer on it so that you can easily design with the guide in mind.

Step 2: cont.


Step 3: Get the file size of the DVD guide.


This can be done by going to Image > Image Size.

Step 4: Set Up The Crop Tool


Fill out the specifications of your crop tool with the size information you just acquired. It is especially important to note that the guide is 600 DPI.

Step 5: Crop Your File


When cropping your image it is important to keep in mind that there is a center hub area that wil not show on the final DVD. It is best to crop subjects in your file off to one side.

Step 6: Copy and Paste


Copy and Paste youre newly cropped image onto your DVD guide. You can then add logo or text anywhere within the DVD guide area. You should never place text in the Blue or Red areas shown on the guide. Before saving your file, turn the DVD guide layer off so that only your image and design are visible.

Design Technique 1


This is our suggested design technique. Creating your file this way will ensure that your final product has a full bleed image.

Design Technique 2


If you would like a border around the edge of your DVD you can create your file so that the image only fills the area INSIDE the RED of the guide. 

Design Mistake 1: Not making your file full bleed.


If your file is designed so that the image only fills the RED and GRAY border of the guide, your final product will likely print with white slivers. Our DVD Printing equipment is very close to exact, but preparing your file this way is not recommended.

Design Mistake 1: Close-up


Design Mistake 2: Filling the entire template EXCEPT the Inside of the DVD Hub.



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