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Press Book Paper and Binding Info

Magazine papers: are our thinner paper options and they are bound much more like a traditional book where the pages bow out from the binding. Available Magazine style papers are Smooth Matte and Semi-Gloss. Magazine style books can have as many as 180 pages and as few as 30.





Layflat papers: Layflat Papers are our thickest paper options and they have a plastic hinge built right into the edge for a beautiful finished binding. Pages will lay flat when opened with only a small space between. Available layflat papers are Pearl, Semi-Gloss, Smooth Matte, Press Lustre and Felt. Most Layflat papers are exactly the same papers that you have fallen in love with from the press department at ProDPI-except they have been made into beautiful album papers. Layflat style books can have as many as 80 pages and as few as 20.



We do not currently have samples of our book papers available but if you look at the descriptions that we have listed in our PDF Price Guide you can see how almost all of our book papers compare very closely with one of our normal Press Papers. If you have received a ProDPI Swatchbook you can preview the book papers by looking at their Press paper counterparts. It is important to note that Press and Book papers are very different than traditional photographic papers and will not have the same appearance as one of our Fuji Prints. Press printing involves a four color printing process and is done with actual paper from tree sources, while our photographic printing is done with traditional light-jet printers on photographic paper. 


Layflat Semi Gloss is equivalent to the Standard Semi-Gloss paper in our paper swatchbook, however the layflat book paper will not be UV Coated. The best way to preview is to view the back of the Standard Semi-Gloss paper in the swatchbook.

Layflat Smooth Matte is equivalent to the Standard Smooth Matte paper in our paper swatchbook.

Layflat Felt is equivalent to the Enhanced Felt paper in our paper swatchbook.

Layflat Pearl is equivalent to the Specialty Pearl paper in our paper swatchbook.

*The only paper that is not represented in our Swatchbook is the Layflat Lustre paper and the reason for this is that the Layflat Lustre is only purchased and used for the book products so it is not currently possible to offer sample swatches.


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