Roes Basic Steps

Step 1: Open Roes. Your initial screen should look similar to what is shown below.


Step 2: Log in and verify Preferences. You should make sure that your selected preferences match the image below.


Please make sure that the Search Enclosed Folder option is NOT checked!

Step 3: After you have successfully logged in, click on Start Ordering. If your screen looks like the image below, follow the steps below. If it does not, skip ahead to Step4!


To adjust your display click on the small arrow button in the bottom left!

Step 3, cont: Click on this button in the bottom left of your screen!


Step 4: Now your ready to start ordering! Click on the Add Image Folder option and search for your desired folder.


Step 5: Once your image thumbails are loaded, click on the Drop Down menu on the top left, right next to the Sizes button!


You can now choose your catalog, then your product, and then begin adding your images to your products by dragging them over.

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