How To Orders Your Free Sample Prints

Step 1: Download ProDPI Roes (If you've already done this, launch Roes and skip to step 2)


Roes can be found in the Downloads section of the ProDPI Website. To download it you will click on the "Download Now!" link.

Step 2: Enter Your Information & Login (If you've already done this, skip to step 3)


Step 3: Select Start Ordering


Step 4: Load your Images using the Add Image Folder button




*Roes will only load a folder in its entirety so make sure you select the entire folder and not just particular images within.

Step 5: Select Get Started Here! from the Sizes drop down menu


Step 5: Select Your Product


Click on the white box "Order 3 8x10 Luster Samples" to select your product.

Step 6: Drag & Drop


  1. Drag the small preview of your image and drop it into the blank white 8x10 space in the center
  2. Click 'Add To Order' after each image

Repeat this step 2 more times.

Once you've added all three images click 'View Cart'

Step 7: Review and Complete


  1. Review your order
  2. Be sure 'Do NOT Color Correct' is selected. Your test prints should be used to test your monitors calibration. If Color Correction is selected your prints will not match your monitor due to in lab color adjustments.
  3. Click "Complete and Send Order"

Step 8: Double check studio information and Send Now


  1. Double check that your studio information is correct, click Next
  2. Confirm that the "Send now via the Internet" option is selected, click 'Send Now'


Step 9: Confirmation


  1. Proceed to the Uploads pane
  2. Once you see the message "Sent! Thank you!" you are finished!

You should receive an email confirmation to your inbox in just a few moments.

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