ProDPI Terms and Conditions

All Sales Final: Because of the nature of custom printing, all sales are final. ProDPI will do our best to replace or fix any products with issues we are responsible for and can issue lab credit for the cost of the product in necessary circumstances. Any refunds issued will be in the form of ProDPI Lab Credit and only at the discretion of ProDPI Management. Refunds will not be issued to credit cards.


Pricing: Pricing is subject to change as we are constantly adding new products and reassessing current ones. Please refer to our website for our latest PDF price guide. ProDPI is NOT responsible for any typographical errors in this price guide, on our web site, in our Roes program or on any promotion materials distributed electronically or in print.


Digital Files: ProDPI is not responsible for the retention or storage of files sent to us and can only guarantee that the files will be kept for up to 14 business days.


Photographic Printing Tolerances: Please keep the tolerances of printing and trimming equipment in mind when designing files with borders or close crops. Images will be slightly enlarged during the photographic printing process and you should allow for up to ⅛” on all four sides of your design to possibly be lost in processing. These types of tolerances are in both printing and trimming equipment and ProDPI is NOT responsible for how these variances will affect your final product.  *Do not *add thin borders to your files to compensate for this tolerance. Please contact ProDPI Customer Service if you have a file with specific printing needs. 


RUSH Services: RUSH services are available for most products and can be selected in the Review Order Screen of Roes when an order is uploaded. A RUSH service guarantees that an order will leave the same day it is uploaded, but does not affect the shipping time in any way. Orders with a RUSH service must be received here in lab before 11am Mountain Time, and the fee for a RUSH service is 100% of the cost of the product. This means that if your order total comes to $25, a RUSH fee will double that. RUSH services are not available on Saturdays or Sundays because these are not normal days of operation.


In Lab Turnaround Times: **All of our in lab turnaround times operate off of a daily 3pm MT deadline. Any order received before 3pm MT on one of our operating days is considered to be under that days deadline. Most of our products have a 1 business day turnaround time in lab, meaning that if the order is received before 3pm on Monday it will be completed and shipped out no later than Tuesday. Our current operating days are Monday through Friday. For specific product in lab turnaround times you can view


Order Minimum: **Most of our product catalogs have a $12 minimum order requirement. This order minimum is intended to help defer the cost of the Free Studio Shipping. Orders less than $12 will be rounded up to $12 before they are sent into processing. Orders cannot be combined to meet this $12 minimum. Every order is processed on its own, regardless of whether it can be combined after processing for final shipment.


Setup Guides: ProDPI has provided setup guides for press, book, folio and image box products in the form of PSD files. These files can be found and they are required for correct sizing and file preparation. When files are submitted that do not meet these file sizing requirements, they are automatically center cropped by our system to fit the printing area and the final product will likely be different than anticipated. ProDPI cannot guarantee the outcome of any of these products if the PSD setup guides are not used during file preparation. Customers are required to initial that they have used these guides when they place their orders in Roes and refunds will not be given for issues that result from improper sizing.

*Custom Photographic Print Sizes and Trimming: *Custom print sizes can be ordered but an additional trim fee will be incurred. Please see FAQ’s page for information on how to properly prepare a file for a custom size. Unmounted prints will incur a trim fee of $.40 per cut/side, and mounted prints will incur a trim fee of $1.00 per cut/side. Production will not perform a custom trim service if the order is not uploaded with a note in the “Instructions” that clearly states the request. Orders without a note will automatically be processed without any trimming service.


Sizing of Mounted Prints: It is important to keep in mind that all mounted prints will be undersized when finished. All mounting boards are currently stocked in sizes ⅛” to ¼” smaller than their actual print size so that mounting can be accurate. Specifics are listed below:

-Matboard, Styrene and ProDPI Foam are all ⅛” undersized.

- ¾” Standouts are all ¼” undersized.

-1 ½” Standouts are all ½” undersized.

-Bamboo Panel Mounts are all ⅛” - ¼” undersized.

Order Combination: *Orders from separate catalogs cannot be combined in Roes or in processing. We currently have our catalogs separated based on production needs and turnaround times. If orders are finished close to each other they may be combined for shipment but there is no guarantee. If you are unable to combine two products in Roes when placing your order it means that the products you are ordering cannot be processed together and must be ordered separately. Shipping upgrades will apply to each order individually.


Press Orders: **ProDPI Press Products must be ordered separately to insure proper processing. Multiple designs, products or sizes cannot be placed in the same order. Multiple quantities of the same design/product can be ordered by following the instructions in your Roes program. Shipping upgrades will apply to each order individually.

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