How To Order A Custom Size Print

Ordering a Custom Print Size

To order a custom size print you will need to select the next largest print size that will accommodate both dimensions of the final print size that you need. After choosing which size will work, it is necessary for you to create borders in your file for us to trim off.

For this guide, I'm going to prepare and order a 28"x13" custom size. The next largest print size that accommodates both dimensions is 30"x15".

Step 1: Find the next largest print size in Roes that should accommodate both dimensions of the size you need


1) Select the Printing catalog through the Sizes drop down menu.

2) Select the next largest print size that will accommodate both dimensions of your final custom print size.

For my 28"x13" custom size, I need 30"x15" (15"x30" in Roes).

*This tells us what size our final file needs to be.

Step 2: Cropping your File (If your file is already cropped to your custom print size skip to Step 3)


Open your file in Photoshop. If your file is not already cropped to your desired final size you will need to crop your file in Photoshop using the cropping tool. You can check your current file size before proceeding by going to Image>Image Size. I need my final custom size to be 28"x13" so I'm cropping my file to 28"x13" at 300 DPI.

1) To crop your file click the cropping tool on your Photoshop tool bar.

2) Enter the dimensions in inches and 300 DPI for the Resolution.


3) Click, hold, and drag your cursor over the image to select the area that you'd like to crop.

TIP: Cropping your file results in some resolution loss. The more you crop the more pixels you're losing. Try to keep your crop as wide as possible for higher file quality!


4) Once you've decided on the cropping area, right click on the image and select crop.

Your file should now be cropped to your desired final print size! To check your file size go to Image>Image Size.

Step 3: Add Borders for Trimming


Adding borders to your file will let us know where we need to trim. It is super important that your dimensions are accurate. In Step 1, I chose the next largest print size that was available which was also the closest that fits the dimensions I need (30"x15"). Now I will make my 28"x13" file 30"x15" by creating borders.

1) Go to Image and Click on Canvas Size

NOTE: If you're ordering a custom size for a custom frame or need your final dimensions accurate down to the centimeter: please contact us


2) Make sure that your width and height measurements are in inches.


3) Enter your dimensions width and height.

4) Click the bottom left corner anchor: after clicking it should look like the image above.

5) Click the Canvas extensions color drop down, select Other, and choose a color that contrasts your image.


Your file should look something like this and should match the total print size that you will be ordering through Roes. If it does not, we recommend starting over from Step 2. To check you file size go to Image>Image Size.

TIP: Checking your resolution cannot be stressed enough. We recommend zooming in 100% to double check for any pixelation.

After checking your resolution, save your file as JPEG and proceed.

Step 4: Upload to Roes


1) Click Add Image Folder to locate your freshly prepared file.

2) Drag and Drop your image onto the white area.

Once you've added everything you need, click Add to Order and then proceed to the View Cart screen. You're almost done!

Step 5: Let us know!


You will need to include instructions letting us know that we need to custom trim your print.

1) Scroll down the Options panel until you see the Special Instructions area.

2) Select to add text.

3) Add text.

Now you're ready to review and complete your order! Congratulations!

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