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Half It Batch Installation for PC


ProDPI Half It Batch Script

Press Book Guides

You can follow this step by step guide or follow the instructions through the link above.

STOP! It is super important that your full spreads are sized according to ProDPI full spread book guides before splitting.

Step 1: Download Half It Batch Script for Photoshop


Set the download window to open the folder when the download is complete.

Extract Files


1) Extract Files.

After extracting the files keep the new window (with extracted files) readily available.

Step 2: Copy Half It Batch Script File


1) Highlight ProDPI_halfItBatch.

2) Right click over highlighted area.

3) Click Copy.

Step 3: Locate Photoshop Script Folder


Open a new window or use the navigation bar to access My Computer.

Follow this path: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop (CS or CS2)\Presets\Scripts\


1) The file path to your Scripts folder will be within the Adobe folder but the actual location MAY be different depending on the version of Photoshop you're using.

2) Right Click anywhere within the file area.

3) Paste: ProDPI_halfItBatch

4) You should see the script pasted.

NOTE: Be sure to close and relaunch Photoshop AFTER you've completed steps 1-3 before proceeding to Step 4.

Before proceeding you may want to move all of your full spreads to one folder or you can temporarily remove any any single pages from the folder until after the split. Please make sure there are no single pages or cover files in this folder.

Step 4: Relaunch Photoshop


1) Click File.

2) Hover over Scripts.

3) Click ProDPI_halfItBatch.

Step 5: Locate Folder of Full spreads


Click Browse to locate the folder containing your full spreads that need splitting.

NOTE: This folder should ONLY contain your full spread images.


1) Highlight folder.

2) Click OK.


3) This area will show you the file path for the selected folder. *This is also where your splits will go.

4) Click Process and you're done!


You will now see your files open one by one,split, and then disappear. When the script is done you can check your work by going to the folder that contains the original full spreads. There will be a new folder titled Splits. Congratulations!


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